Sparrows The Vorax

This set offers a wide variety of tools in one serious DARK case. The Vorax is the combination of the Original Wizwazzle picks the SSDev Hooks and a laser engraved SANDMAN. Story below. The Result is a 15 piece lock pick set that is well suited to Raking, Single pin picking and high security deep access picking. Flat bars have been added to the traditional tension bars and a tubular tenion bar allows for tubular locks to be single pin picked. Rounding out the set is the addition of a small four and a large 5 comb pick set to quickly open lower security locks like master 140, 150 and more. One of our New picks is the SANDMAN that sports a laser engraved handle. Wrap it all up in a MULTICAM Black Case with a 3D SPARROWS patch and you have a set that will eat through anything.

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Pronunciation Classical /’wo.ra:ks/

Definition Voracious, Insatiable, Devouring

In A Sentence Move away from the door I got’s me a VORAX!


All Picks have thermal handles and are made from our .025 Stainless steel

  • 1 x Snake rake
  • 1 x Triple peak
  • 1 x Twin Peak
  • 1 x Worm Rake
  • 1 x Short Hook
  • 1 x Euro Hook
  • 1 x Steep Hook
  • 1 x Offset Hybrid
  • 1 x Half Diamond
  • 1 x High Reach
  • 1 x City Rake
  • 1 x SSDeV High
  • 1 x SSDeV Long
  • 1 x SSDeV Deep
  • 4 x Comb Flat bars
  • 1 x Laser Engraved SANDMAN Pick
  • 6 x Tension wrenches in varying widths
  • 1 x MULTICAM Black Sherman Case with 3D Patch

Finding Sandman

Last year at a trade show we were talking with a few guys who used to attend Soldier of fortune Conventions at the Sahara in Las Vegas. The story went that in the 80’s a guy would follow these conventions and sell lock picks out of a small booth. These sets were mostly HPC but he also had some home brew picks made by a different guy. Of the hand made picks what these guys really liked was one called the ‘Sandman’.

So, out of interest we sent off a few emails to see what we could dig up. It took a while but we slowly got a few details and then learned that the guy making the picks was a DJ in the 80’s who used the handle of “DrDave”

Well we found DrDave, turns out he still lives in Vegas and has been picking since the 60’s. Best part – he sent us a Sandman and what was really nice is that it is a different pick than anything else in the lineup. A few careful measurements, a little bit of Laser Art and here you have it. A truly New Pick.

The Sandman is a dual sided Rake and a Single Pin Pick for attacking radicle biting – direct from Vegas

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