Sparrows Universal Plastic Handcuff Key


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Sparrows Universal Plastic Handcuff Key Sparrows Universal Plastic Handcuff Key USA

SAS,Police Tactical Covert Handcuff key

1/2 x 1” Black Plastic nylon keys works on a all of the most popular handcuffs. Made from a specialty composite for durability and flexibility, this universal handcuff key can be easily hidden just about any place you can think of. When this key is used as intended, personnel CANNOT be restrained with their own handcuffs, whether behind their back or around an object, since the handcuff key is intended to be hidden in multiple locations.

Undetectable by metal detectors and durable. Emergency handcuff keys are useful to prevent unlawful detention of police, military and security officers. This Universal Handcuff Key was specially designed for the US Special Forces and elite federal law enforcement units. Works on most standard handcuffs to open main and secondary locks.

Universal Handcuff Key

This plastic handcuff key has several important properties that may save your life

  1. Undetectable by metal detectors
  2. Small, flexible and light to be hidden just about anywhere on normal clothing, watches, hats and shoes
  3. Strong enough to be used as a duty key
  4. Can be deployed and used silently to escape notice
  5. Opens all cuffs