iCopy-XS Handheld Smart RFID Multi-Tool
iCopy-XS Handheld Smart RFID Multi-Tool
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iCopy-XS Handheld Smart RFID Multi-Tool


The ICopy-X is a powerful portable RFID cloning device. Built on the powerful Proxmark 3, its easy to use interface takes the hassle out of RFID cloning.

It supports the majority of HF and LF cards on the market, and is a must have for pentesters and security researchers. No expert knowledge is required – but power users can still drop into a Proxmark console to perform advanced operations.

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The ICopy-X is designed to take the pain out of RFID cloning, while also providing power users with the tools they need. The device is driven via its tactile navigation buttons and intuitive UI. Once a badge is placed, the device interacts with the Proxmark 3 to automatically determine the badge frequency and required steps to detect, crack, read and decode a badge.

Badge data can be saved, exported/imported via the 16GB internal memory.

The device can also be connected to a computer to allow power users to drop into the Proxmark client shell, if advanced operations need to be performed.

Please noteBecause it is an independant and offline device, the ICopy-X cannot detect or bypass Anti-Copy algorithms that are increasingly present in European RFID Access Control Systems.


What’s iCopy?

iCopy is a well-known RFID copier all around the world for locksmiths, professionals and RFID enthusiasts. Previously, it copies simple RFID cards based on the domestic market in China. With major upgrades from access control system vendors, we have been constantly updating our devices for the international market.

With its handheld design, we have been the best tool to have in the market unlike other competitors requiring their device to be used with a computer. This year Icopy have partnered with major players in the RFID research field to come out with an all-new iCopy called iCopy-XS.

Why iCopy-XS?

iCopy-XS is a “super” automated handheld RFID copier based on Proxmark3. iCopy-XS can read, crack, duplicate, sniff and simulate without the use of a PC.

iCopy-XS would be the No.1 tool to have whether you are a locksmith, landlord, property management team, or even security company.

We need something that is easy to use for all kinds of users. The whole idea is to combine the iCopy + Proxmark3 + PC into one device and make it super easy to use. No complicated steps, just simple operating buttons.

Native Proxmark3 client runs in the iCopy-XS.

The current iCopy-XS is the latest and most powerful RFID copier in the market now. It covers what its previous versions can do and we added more RFID system cloning and also other functionalities including simulating and analyzing.

Currently, it reads up to 45 types of RFID system cards and copies up to 37 types of RFID cards which is the highest in the world.


Buttons Functionality

ICopy x ICopy XS

What’s new in iCopy-XS?

  • Stronger CPU Supporting Standalone Cracking
  • Simulation & Sniffing built-in with Key Calculation
  • AI Optimization Solution Process Logic
  • MIFARE Intelligent “Key” Management system
  • T5577 Encrypted “Cracking”
  • Fast Write and Verification
  • Automatic RFID Card Data File Saving
  • Proxmark3 original return synchronous display
  • RF circuit optimization, “stability first”.
  • Innovative expert mode, namely PC-mode.
  • Better Classification of RFID Cards
  • Fully English AI Audio and System
  • Advanced Li-ion management and low energy system
  • Built-In U disk file system
  • Constant firmware upgrade within one hardware
  • Smaller in size (40%)
  • Type-C Charging
  • Reads up to 45 types and copies up to 37 types of RFID cards

Package Include

  • iCopy-XS Device x1
  • M1-4B UID Card x4
  • M1-4B CUID Card x4
  • M1-4B UFUID Card x4
  • ID1 Card x4

Copies the following fobs:

The ICopy-X supports the majority of LF and HF badges available on the market.

Cloning iCLASS SE / iCLASS SEOS requires the iCS Decoder tool.


EM4XX/EM Marin
HID Prox
HID Indala (Motorola)
And many more….

13.56mhz (14443A)

MIFARE 1k S50 4 Byte
MIFARE 1k S50 4 Byte (Anti Firewall)
MIFARE 1k S50 7 Byte
MIFARE 4k S50 4 Byte
MIFARE 4k S70 7 Byte
MIFARE Ultralight
MIFARE Ultralight-C
MIFARE Ultralight EV1

13.56mhz (14443b)

ICLASS SE (with the iCS Decoder Tool)
ICLASS SEOS (with the iCS Decoder Tool)

13.56mhz (15693)

iCODE SLI (Partial)
iCODE SLIX (Partial)

What the Icopy-xs is not able to do

Please note: The iCopy-X does not support the following badges: MIFARE DESFire, iCLASS Elite with Custom Keys / EMV (Bank / Credit Cards).

ICopy Manual

ICopy x ICopy XS mannual